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Christie Downs 20 Year Strategic Management Plan


Council approved the Christie Downs 20 Year Strategic Management Plan (SMP) on 24 November 2015. For the purpose of community engagement it has been referred to as a masterplan for consistency with previous communication over an extended period.

The Christie Downs SMP was prepared in partnership with State Government to guide improvements to the suburb over a 20 year timeframe. It identifies a number of actions under ten ‘big ideas’ (attachment 1 below) or objectives presenting an exciting vision for Christie Downs, including the positive vision for the future under the banner ♥ Love Christie Downs. Other big ideas include:

  • Affordable housing choices
  • Create a vibrant ‘Heart of Christie Downs’
  • Celebrate our identity
  • Be environmental leaders
  • Transform our public spaces
  • Make it easier to get around
  • Support economic growth and jobs
  • Working with the community
  • Make it happen!

View the full report PDF icon png Christie Downs 20 Year Strategic Management Plan (12.9Mb)

Community and stakeholder engagement

The community and stakeholder engagement process comprised a range of communication mediums. The engagement process was undertaken collaboratively with the local Member for Reynell and included a newsletter jointly branded by Council and the State Government (attachment 3). The engagement period took place from 24 August to 21 September 2015.

PDF icon png Community engagement feedback report (1.3Mb)


Many of the actions in the SMP require a partnership approach to deliver. The SMP identifies a large number of actions over a 20 year timeframe. However, priority projects are identified for implementation over the first five years which could act as triggers encouraging the continued implementation of the remaining actions over time.

A number of opportunities are being explored with private, government and community stakeholders to deliver on these actions. These negotiations are ongoing.

Five year action plan

Development of the SMP provides the framework to guide long term investment and renewal of Christie Downs. Council’s approach to driving its delivery is guided by a five year action plan (attachment 5) that provides clarity on the short to medium term actions requiring resourcing and reflects priorities identified as part of the community and stakeholder engagement process.

Some of the key actions in the five year action plan include:

  • Upgrade Morton Road reserve into a ‘central park’
  • New shared use trail along the railway line to Noarlunga Centre (subject to DPTI funding)
  • Market a vision through all masterplan implementation activities (♥ Love Christie Downs)
  • Gateway improvements including Morton Road intersection with Beach Road
  • Local park improvements
  • New footpaths and pedestrian ramps in priority areas
  • Continued improvements to Christie Creek including a new picnic area
  • New community garden at Christie Downs Community House
  • Investigate opportunities for small scale demonstration housing.

Next Steps

Work will now continue with a focus on implementing the Five Year Action Plan. Negotiations are also continuing with potential partners to deliver on a number of the larger, significant Strategic Management Plan actions

In relation to ongoing engagement with the community, this will occur largely on a project by project basis.

Further information

For further information contact Susan Manchip, Project Leader on 8384 0521 or


Supporting information

PDF icon png Attachment 1: 10 Big Ideas for the Next 20 Years (A3 Summary Plan) (290K)
PDF icon png Attachment 2: Final Christie Downs 20 Year Strategic Management Plan (Masterplan) (12.9Mb)
PDF icon png Attachment 3: Newsletter (335K)
PDF icon png Attachment 4: Community Engagement Report (1.3Mb)
PDF icon png Attachment 5: Five year action plan (385K)


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