Healthy Active Lifestyles Strategy

Healthy Active Lifestyles Strategy 2014-19 cover

The Community Plan 2035 identifies the Healthy Active Lifestyles Strategy as one of ten strategies that, together, deliver on our communities’ Vision of Strong Vibrant Communities. 

Healthy active lifestyles have direct health, social and economic benefits which are multiplied by the associated reduction in costs relating to health care, social discord and loss of productivity. 

Our Healthy Active Lifestyle Principles underpin all significant decision-making in determining the best course of action in this activity area, no matter what the circumstance.  With reference to Roles, they outline how we provide sport and recreation programs and services and manage reserves, trails, and facilities, and how we advocate, facilitate, and inform/promote these activities. 

The Healthy Active Lifestyles Strategy 2014-19 outlines how Council will go about building more recreational and sporting opportunities and capacity with our communities.  It comprises activity associated with recreational reserves and open space, recreational trails, and sports and recreation facilities. 

For further information about the Healthy Active Lifestyles Strategy 2014-19, you can view the Strategy below or contact our Community Assets section on 8384 0666.