Road Network Plan

The Road Network Plan (RNP) (5.8Mb) is the City of Onkaparinga’s leading road management document which outlines our road hierarchy and functional road networks.

The RNP was reviewed and updated in 2016 to ensure it is relevant, up to date and refers to current policies, strategies and guidelines.

The RNP is a management plan designed to be applied throughout the City of Onkaparinga operations relating to the road network for 2016-21. The RNP’s intent is outlined via the following objectives, whereby the RNP:

  • is used to inform service standards and service levels for our road infrastructure assets through the application of road hierarchy cross sections
  • is a tool for prioritising infrastructure upgrades
  • a decision making tool for matters relating to the road network
  • identifies and addresses deficiencies in the road network.

The Plan is divided into three sections:

  • part A – background research
  • part B – road hierarchy, operational management procedures and decision process frameworks
  • part C – action plan.

Community Engagement Outcomes Report (970K) is also available which summarises the findings from the detailed engagement process undertaken as part of the review of the RNP. It provides a synopsis of the engagement approach, methodology of engagement, as well as the engagement activities delivered, key themes and findings.

Further information

For more information please contact Heath Newberry, Road Network Planner on 8384 0666.

PDF icon png Road Network Plan (5.8Mb)
PDF icon png Hierarchy (845K)
PDF icon png Freight network PBS routes (883K)
PDF icon png Tourist network (986K)
PDF icon png Public transport (956K)
PDF icon png Unsealed road network (890K)
PDF icon png Commodity general freight routes (875K)
PDF icon png Community Engagement Outcomes Report (970K)