Skate Facility Management Plan 2016-2021

Skate facilities provide accessible, affordable, friendly spaces for ‘youth’ that contribute to the positive wellbeing of young people. They provide meetings spaces that enable users to build social networks with peers and positively impact their mental, physical and social wellbeing.

The Skate Facilities Management Plan responds to Aim four (4) and action 4.6 of the Sport and Active Recreation Strategic Management Plan which state:

  • Aim 4: The provision of Active Recreation Facilities
  • Action 4.6: Improve the quality, appeal, safety and scope of the BMX, dirt jump and skate facilities through a program or upgrade in accordance with hierarchy and condition audits.

The Skate Facilities Management Plan establishes a hierarchy and guides our sustainable provision, development, upgrade and management of skate facilities in the City of Onkaparinga.

A list and map of skate facilities within Onkaparinga can be viewed at on our BMX tracks page.

For further details, please contact Andrew Queisser, Asset Planner on (08) 8384 0666 or

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