Bin collection search maps thumb

Bin collection search

Find upcoming dates for your waste, recycling and green waste bin collections.

Dog exercise and prohibited areas review status board thumb

Burning permits

This map is currently unavailable.

Check back at the end of the Fire Danger Season.

Dog exercise and prohibited areas review status board thumb

Dog exercise areas

Dog exercise and prohibited areas within Onkaparinga.

Food truck map thumb

Food truck permit zones

We offer excellent opportunities for mobile food vendors with 29 pre-approved trading sites.

Heat mapping maps thumb

Heat mapping

By identifying hot-spots we can better inform our management decisions relating to tree plantings, urban planning and the health and wellbeing our community.

Metro Adelaide maps thumb

Metropolitan Adelaide

See how Onkaparinga fits within Metropolitan Adelaide.

Nature Play map thumb 2

Nature play

Our region has many natural spaces accessible to everyone with lots of fun ways that families can get outdoors and connect with nature.

Open Space SMP map thumb

Open Space

The Open Space SMP sets out the type and location of recreation open space and the links between them.

Nature Play map thumb

Reserves & playgrounds

Explore the parks and reserves within our city.

Trails and Cycling network map thumb

Trails & Cycling Network

Our city has many diverse trails catering for land, air and water activities.

Urban Creek Recovery maps thumbnail

Urban Creek Recovery

Our Urban Creek Recovery project has restored 44 different creeks and rivers, totalling more than 61km.

Walks of Art Maps thumb

Walks of Art

The City of Onkaparinga has over 200 public artworks to discover. Check out this interactive map to discover and explore the collection.

Ward boundaries map

Ward boundaries

To find out which ward you live in, view the city wide interactive ward map.