Our heritage, shaped by nature and history, is an inheritance passed from one generation to the next. It helps us to tell stories and understand where and how previous populations lived.

This website focuses on the built heritage within the City of Onkaparinga and comprises heritage places of national, state and local significance. The places listed on this site are generally confined to State Heritage places, Local Heritage places and Contributory Items. These properties make a total of 487 places and are identified in the council's Development Plan.

The region comprising the City of Onkaparinga encompasses a history of european settlement centred around the development of the original townships, which are now living examples of heritage precincts.

The City of Onkaparinga is committed to the conservation of our built heritage and recognises the requirement of a broad approach to heritage conservation, incorporating both statutory protection and voluntary incentive measures. The City of Onkaparinga has and is continuing to develop a range of initiatives to assist in the protection of our built heritage.

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Office (former Four Winds Dwelling)
Doctor's House as it stands today Click to enlarge
Built: Circa 1850s
Materials: Local stone walls, slate roof and floors
Significance: Originally important homestead in district, successive use as doctor's surgery/quarters.More Details>>
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