Participate and Learn Skills

The Participate and Learn Skills (PALS) program is a capacity building initiative aimed at primary school children aged 5–12 years. The program operates for all primary school age children and their families targeted towards communities where there are high proportions of children and families identified as at risk of social exclusion and disadvantage as per the Social Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA).

The program aims to:

  • support the early development of young people building upon their capacity to engage with their local community and peers
  • build resilience and provide positive pathways and opportunities
  • engage the young person’s family through involving them within the childrens program
  • provide information about other programs/activities within a community centre and the wider community
  • support referrals and advocacy to seek specialist service provision as needed.

The PALS program seeks to enhance family connectedness to their community using a strengths based approach.

PALS programs are currently held at the following locations:

For further information about the program or to enrol your child contact one of the above community centres.

Volunteer opportunities are available to work with the PALS program. If you would like to register your interest in volunteering with this program or other programs within the Community Centres contact your nearest Community Centre for further information.