Community gardens

There are several community run gardens in the City of Onkaparinga. Some are cooperatives where the garden beds are worked by all the members and the produce is shared equally. Others are allotment–style where each member has their own plot and harvests the produce for themselves.

Some groups choose to grow flowers and herbs for health and healing while some run organically or on a no dig principle. Others are equipped with raised beds for gardeners with a disability.

Benefits of community gardens include:

  • access to fresh produce
  • being physically active
  • learning by gardening alongside others
  • sharing skills and knowledge
  • building a sense of community
  • increasing connection to the environment
  • building social connections.

Community gardens contribute to food security where residents grow their own food or donate produce to others. Active communities experience less crime and vandalism. We have community gardens on council land, church land, school grounds and Housing SA land.

For more information, contact Matt Adams, Community Development Officer Aldinga Sellicks on 0414 760 533 or email

To find a community garden near you please follow the link:  

PDF icon png Community Garden guidelines (870K)

Community garden