Starclub logoWhat is STARCLUB?

STARCLUB is a sports club management initiative of the state government through the Office for Recreation and Sport. It is a self-assessment resource that will help your club identify what it is doing well, and possible areas for development. By addressing the areas for development, your club will be better managed and be providing the best environment possible for your members and the wider community.

Why join?

  • No cost - The STARCLUB program is FREE.
  • Easy to join and use - The program, checklist and resources are all accessed online.
  • Legal compliance - The program leads clubs through a check list of good governance practices including areas of legal compliance.
  • Continual improvement - The program provides all the tools you need to address the areas identified for improvement.
  • Easily implemented - The STARCLUB checklist comprises 6 core areas. If you identify 6 people within the club to complete one area each for example, this will give you an efficient way to progress through the program.
  • Self-paced – Users can log in and out as required and complete the process in their time.
  • Grow membership – People recognise and are attracted to clubs that are community leaders, well managed, friendly, inclusive and deliver quality programs.
  • Maintain your competitive advantage - If lots of clubs are joining this program and yours is not, what message does this send existing and potential members?

Who has joined?

Currently there are well over 140 sport and recreation clubs registered in the STARCLUB program within the City of Onkaparinga.

How does my club join?

Go to the STARCLUB website. It only takes a few minutes to register by using the following link

How can we help your club?

Thanks to the support of the Office for Recreation and Sport, the City of Onkaparinga has a dedicated STARCLUB Club Development Officer available to assist clubs with the STARCLUB program.

For more information regarding STARCLUB or to access support contact Craig Hobart on 8301 7236 or